The Institute of Judicial Administration Lushoto (IJA) to build capacity of public servants in Lushoto District in the near future.

The Principal Hon. Justice, Paul F. Kihwelo has yesterday issued a promise when he paid a courtesy call to the District Commissioner Mr. January Lugangika.

The Principal was responding to the challenge raised by the DC, who pointed out that Ward and Village Executive Officers (WEO and VEO) face legal challenges in executing their daily chores. WEO and VEO are the first peoplein dealing with dispute resolutions directly from communities in grass root levees.

Mr. Lugangika went on to advice the government to consider employing Law and Diploma in Law graduates who would suit to work as WEO and VEO.

Responding to the issue, Justice Kihwelo told the DC that employing law graduates at that levelswas a policy issue but for the time being it was important the Institute and the DC’s office take initiatives aimed at building the capacity of public servants in Lushoto District.

He said, helping the community around has been the Institute’s desire since its establishment and arrangements shall be made so that WEO and VEOs will be trained in short courses to help them deliver better services especially those related to legal and justice services.

The Principal has also used the occasion to pay a courtesy call to the Officer Commanding District, Lushoto Member of Parliament and Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau-District Bureau Chief where...