Hon. Justice. Paul F. Kihwelo (PhD)
Phd, OUT, LL.M (UDSM), LL.B (Hons) UDSM

Message from the Principal

In my role as the Principal of the Institute of Judicial Administration Lushoto, I welcome you to IJA’s website. This site reflects the remarkable transformation and reform that IJA has been striving to sustain and build over time in order to make it conducive environment for learning and training since its establishment in 1998.

IJA has been known for its dynamic and evolving approach in offering training to Certificate and Diploma in Law students as well as using skills- based experiential learning model when it comes to upgrading skills of judicial officers Judges and Magistrates, non-judicial staff within the judiciary and other justice sector stakeholders such as State Attorneys, Prison Officers, Police Officers and Private Legal Practitioners. IJA’s approach to teaching, learning and continuous legal education has meaningfully contributed to judicial dialogue and supported the rule of law and judicial strengthening as the landscape of judging is becoming increasingly more complex.

IJA is an ideal place for quality and efficiency learning and training for the legal minds. Our strength lies not only in the serene environment in the slopes of Usambara mountain range but also from the warm, passionate and hospitality of our dedicated staff.

I trust that IJA’s website represents state of the art design, is easy to use and accessible for all our visitors and that everyone who visits our website will find something of interest to read. It is under those circumstances we are committed to continue to improve the access and quality of this website over time.

I once again welcome students, staff, judicial officers, non-judicial staff, justice stakeholders and others and we are very proud that you are part of IJA. As you will bear witness the website details more about us and the activities we do, the dream we carry and how we work tirelessly to achieve the mission. I hope and believe that it is going to be useful and we assure you that the information contained will always be up-to-date.

Hon. Justice Paul F. Kihwelo (PhD).

The Principal